aromaRosary offers beautiful hand-crafted rosaries that hold and diffuse essential oils to enhance the prayer experience.



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The Catholic Homeschool Conference Community is a much needed resource for helping families peacefully and confidently embrace their call to create a vibrant Catholic culture of formation, prayer and charity within their homes.

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The beauty of our essential oils today is that they are more accessible and versatile than ever. Right at our fingertips are remedies for supporting physical, mental, and emotional health. We have the unique ability to connect them with all areas of our lives. By incorporating essential oils into habits such as sleep, food, exercise, etc., we are literally improving our quality of life. God desires that we use the gifts and talents He has offered to us and to glorify Him through them. For this reason, to draw upon the oils of plants, trees, bark, flowers, etc., and to incorporate them into our prayer is only natural. We do this regularly in the Catholic tradition with other forms of nature… building bouquets of flowers, iconography, offering incense, etc. Therefore, it is only a natural and organic occurrence that we combine the benefits of essential oils with the practice of praying the Rosary.

Come discover how the beauty of the rosary and the wellness benefits of aromatherapy can support you in trying times by offering you an aromatic encounter of beauty and devotion.

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Never before in the history of the world has the prayer of the rosary been more needed! But in order to unlock the power of prayer, we can't just recite our rosaries....we have to love the rosary like never before, too!

aromaRosary offers a beautiful way of renewing that love through aroma.

Discover the biblical significance and the rich tradition of aromatic prayer.

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