Jenny Bales is a Catholic homeschooling mom who is passionate about encouraging and connecting mothers through their homeschooling journeys. She has been married since 1999 and lives in North Texas with her 4 children, ages 8-18, who have been homeschooled all their lives. Her homeschool philosophy is "whatever works" with a smattering of literature-based learning, Charlotte Mason, and Classical elements. She is addicted to tea (hot and sweet), dark chocolate, red wine, college football, and mystery novels and cannot resist an opportunity to coordinate a conference, retreat, co-op, book study, social group, and/or moms night out. She loves to reflect on all aspects of Catholic homeschooling through the lens of our incredible Catholic faith and so began blogging early in her homeschooling journey. She has since created an online community on Facebook and a website full of resources for Catholic homeschooling moms.

Bloom by Heart of a Mother is one of those resources which provides one-on-one personal attention from a dedicated homeschooling consultant who will listen to your needs and help you identify action steps! Our consultants are encouraging, veteran Catholic homeschooling mothers who have been where you are and can help you choose curriculum, manage your daily schedule, and so much more. Our primary goal is to help Catholic homeschooling moms like you BLOOM in your vocation!

We have a team of consultants available to talk with you by video chat, phone, or email for a single session or multiple sessions. Our service is flexible, affordable, and designed to meet you where you are! You choose your consultant. We serve you (not a curriculum or company).

Heart of a Mother has a unique approach. We believe there are no homeschooling experts. We believe there is no one best homeschooling curriculum or philosophy. We believe no approach works forever in homeschooling or family life; we must adapt. And that is what makes our consultants uniquely able to guide you through the decision-making and troubleshooting that will truly help you BLOOM as a homeschooling mom!

Check out the YouTube video playlist linked here to meet our other consultants, Stacie, Amy, and Tammye, and be sure to check out our goodie bag freebie for a collection of their wisdom! You might also find The Mega Catholic Homeschooling Curriculum List helpful!

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For too long, Catholic homeschooling families have struggled to find connection and support due to the naturally isolating nature of homeschooling. The work of The Catholic Homeschool Conference is a breath of fresh air to both bring together families living a common journey and provide practical resources to help these families succeed.

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Check out The Mega Catholic Homeschooling Curriculum List!

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Would you like to get to know our Bloom Consultants? Check out these quick videos to meet Amy, Jenny, Stacie, and Tammye!

  • Leslie
    May 20, 2021 at 6:51 pm

    Bloom mentoring meets our very unique needs as a homeschool parent. I love that there are options for varying lengths of time. For some like myself, enrolling in a program just wasn’t in our budget but having Jenny and her rosters of mentors available is even better in my opinion. You can book appointments as you need or budget allows. The mentors have not only been down this road before us but can encourage and inspire us when we need it most. Bloom allows one to have some extra support and an objective but Catholic voice helping. Especially when we’d rather not bog down our friends or spouses with debates on which curricula is the best fit (for the umpteenth time). If you’re unsure on any decision or find yourself spending more time than you’d like overthinking a concern, please consider one of the fabulous mentors at Bloom to help walk with you.

  • Nicole Riens
    May 24, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    Jenny has been a great help! We are wrapping our first year of homeschool. I was struggling to find the right curriculum for next year as this one was jumped into blindly. Jenny has helped guide me in finding the best fit for both of our boys. Our oldest is special needs and she offered many great resources to meet his needs, yet re-enforce our Catholic beliefs and values.

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