“Catholic Pacific College is a genuine Catholic college... At CPC, students experience an outstanding Catholic formation while preparing for a wide variety of careers.” ––Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB.

You will not find anything like this in North America: an Evangelical university that provides Catholic education to Catholic students. Beginning Fall 2020 Catholic Pacific College will be offering a Catholic Formation Track within Trinity Western University’s liberal arts core curriculum. This means that Catholic students at TWU can earn an undergraduate degree in one of 48 majors and receive alongside it a superb Catholic formation. The formative track introduces the students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition and engages with fundamental questions that pertain to all aspects of life, enabling students to make informed choices about faith, relationships, vocation, and careers.

As an independent college founded in 1999 (originally Redeemer Pacific College), CPC works together with TWU to offer Catholic course content. Alongside the new Catholic Formation Track, CPC offers upper level electives, and even a Catholic Studies minor. CPC prides itself in its high-calibre, faithful professors. Educated at well-respected international universities––Oxford, St. Andrews, Dominican College––the professors bring their expertise and Christian witness to the classroom.

Beyond academics, CPC is a Christ-centred college that is rooted in the sacramental life. Daily Mass is offered on campus, and confession as well as spiritual direction are readily available. In relation to this sacramental life CPC has a vibrant and supportive student community. At CPC students experience the benefits of a larger university and the intimacy of a small college.

CPC is one of only two colleges in Canada listed in The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College. This is attested to by CPC’s alumni.

Scott Van Vliet (Philosophy Major, working at St. John Brebeuf Regional Secondary) asserted, “I would recommend CPC because of the faith formation it gives. It gave me a foundation for my studies that I rely heavily on now. ”

Royston Grosjean (grade five teacher at Cloverdale Catholic Elementary School) said, “CPC changed everything for me. It was an opportunity for me to engage in my faith on a daily basis. It truly changed me and made me into the man I am today.”

“CPC is worth everything in terms of the opportunity to become more yourself in your Catholic faith,” comments Veronica Hargrave (grade five teacher at St Patrick’s Elementary). “It engages you intellectually, offers a strong and supportive Catholic community, and pushes you to experience things that you wouldn't in a secular university.”


7720 Glover Road, Langley, British Columbia V2Y 2S8, Canada

Bonus News & Content

During this past year we launched our new Catholic Formation Track (CFT) of the Trinity Western University core curriculum. What is the core curriculum? Let me briefly explain. Trinity Western is a liberal arts university. They require every student, no matter which academic program they are admitted to, to take a diverse selection of courses to broaden their knowledge base. CPC now offers Catholic students studying at TWU the opportunity to take a Catholic "track" of that core curriculum. This means that every Catholic on campus has the opportunity for Catholic formation, no matter which bachelor's degree they are pursuing. Through the CFT, we provide students with a solid foundation in the Catholic intellectual tradition that they live out in their vocations, their careers, and the rest of their lives.

The Catholic Formation Track is comprised of 11 fundamental courses in the areas of academic writing (2 courses), Catholic theology (3 courses), virtue ethics, Catholic Church history, liturgy and sacraments, Catholic social teaching, beauty and sacred art, and Latin. It is a formative track designed to expose students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. The CFT directly engages with fundamental questions that pertain to all aspects of life, enabling students to make informed choices about faith, relationships, vocation, and careers.

Catholic Formation Track courses include:

  1. Sacred Scripture
  2. Doctrine & Disciplines
  3. The Coherence of Faith
  4. Virtue Ethics
  5. The Catholic Church: Past & Present
  6. Liturgy & Sacraments
  7. Catholic Social Teaching
  8. Beauty & the Sacred
  9. Latin
  10. Fiction in a Catholic Context
  11. Poetry & Drama in a Catholic Context
Conference Endorsement

Catholic Pacific College and Trinity Western University have a great relationship with homeschool families and provide a sure pathway for homeschool students to enter into higher education. We have some faculty and staff who homeschool their children and therefore are familiar with both the benefits of homeschooling and the hurdles that come along with it. We are so excited to be part of this Conference for the first time and look forward to many more in the future!

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This first episode of Dialoguing Toward Truth deals with the common misconception that Catholics worship Mary. Catholic Pacific College professors Dr. Andrew Kaethler, Fr. David Bellusci, O.P., and Dr. David Baird cover various aspects of the topic including the meaning of worship, the historical place of the discussion, and the theological ramifications.

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