Catholic Pacific College’s mission, in its unique ecumenical setting at TWU, is to educate students in the true, good, and beautiful culminating in the person of Jesus Christ as illumined in the living tradition of the Catholic Church.

Our college enjoys a unique partnership with Trinity Western University, Canada's premier Christian university. At Trinity Western you can earn a degree in one of 47 academic programs while receiving a faithful Catholic formation at Catholic Pacific College, formation that cannot be rivalled anywhere in the Northwest.

TWU students have the opportunity to take our Catholic Formation Track as part of the TWU core curriculum, a formative track designed to expose students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. Because of this amazing formation, CPC is one of only two Catholic post-secondary institutions in Canada listed in "The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College".

Courses are taught at our building, nestled next to the Salmon River creek near historic Fort Langley. Over a hundred students currently call Catholic Pacific College home as they pursue their choice of degree programs at TWU. The CPC building has been affectionately nicknamed by students as the Catholic Pacific “cottage”, because of the cosy old house where we come together as a community.


7720 Glover Road, Langley, British Columbia V2Y 2S8, Canada

Bonus News & Content

Beginning Fall 2020, Catholic Pacific College has launched their new Catholic Formation Track composed of 11 fundamental courses that count toward Trinity Western University's core curriculum.

Catholic Formation Track courses include:

  1. Sacred Scripture
  2. Doctrines & Discipline
  3. The Coherence of Faith
  4. Virtue Ethics
  5. History of the Catholic Church
  6. Liturgy & Sacraments
  7. Catholic Social Teaching
  8. Beauty & the Sacred
  9. Latin
  10. Fiction in a Catholic Context
  11. Poetry & Drama in a Catholic Context
Conference Endorsement

Catholic Pacific College and Trinity Western University have a great relationship with homeschool families and provide a sure pathway for homeschool students to enter into higher education. We have some faculty and staff who homeschool their children and therefore are familiar with both the benefits of homeschooling and the hurdles that come along with it. We are so excited to be part of this Conference for the first time and look forward to many more in the future!

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