Have you ever tried to read the Bible with your family but were intimidated by some of the more challenging or mature passages? Have you ever tried to follow the plot of Scripture but got lost somewhere around Leviticus? Worried your kids will leave for college but still not have a handle on Scripture?

Families Reading the Bible is designed to help you out!

It doesn't take being a bible scholar to read the Bible with your family, but it sure does help to have one helping you along the way! Dr. Michael Barber, professor at the Augustine Institute, read the Old Testament every day with his six children (ages 11-3) and his wife Kimberly typed out what he taught. It's age-appropriate and insightful. It helps your family follow the plot and helps you through some of the more challenging passages.

Concerned about mature material? This passage-by-passage commentary alerts you to mature material and what you might want to skip if you feel your children are not ready for all of it.

Want to integrate the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church? This program also provides a summary of the Catechism that references the scripture passages in each day's readings.

How long does it take? In about 20 minutes a day, you can read the entire Old Testament in 365 days. Want fruitful family discussion? Families Reading the Bible also provides discussion starters for each passage, helping children learn to apply the lessons into their day-to-day lives.

With access to this on-line course, your children are heading you the parents tell them the story of salvation and helping them unlock the beautiful meaning of the Word of God!

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