Whether you're new to homeschooling or a veteran, you know how much time it can take. As parents, we want the best education for our children but sometimes it may feel like we can’t keep up with it all.

Welcome to the club!

That’s why Homeschool Connections is growing. As homeschool parents ourselves, we understand what it takes to give your child the resources they need to succeed with their schooling. It’s important that we set them up for success. Our focus is to provide the best instructors paired with a great online curriculum to create a truly premier Catholic educational experience. Not only will this give you the comfort of knowing your child is getting the best education, but it also gives you some time back.

We offer both LIVE and recorded courses to help fill your needs as a parent and the learning style for your child. If your child is in the third to twelfth grade, we have the classes you need.

When you want a world-class Catholic education with affordable, high-quality online courses, come to Homeschool Connections.

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Love that the virtual Catholic Homeschool Conference supports families wherever they are in their homeschooling journey in providing support and tangible help.

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50% off LATIN Courses -- Live and Interactive for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022
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The benefits of learning Latin are "numerosis" - that’s Latin for numerous. But you probably could guess that. That’s because Latin is not only the blueprint for English but many other languages too. We could name more great things about Latin (e.g., figuring out medical jargon, builds character, increased SAT scores *results may vary) but one great benefit is that it is the language of the Catholic Church.

Take advantage of this great offer today.

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Get ONE FREE MONTH to Unlimited Access with Homeschool Connections - 450+ Recorded, Independent-Learning Courses.


Sign up for Homeschool Connections Unlimited Access today and get the first 30-days FREE. After that, it is only $34.97 per month for Unlimited Access to 450+ online courses for 3rd to 6th grade.

You can cancel anytime! So, if you just want to give it a trial run to see if Unlimited Access is a good fit for the fall semester, simply drop us an email after signing up -- we'll cancel the future payments and you'll still get your 30-day trial!

Homeschool Connections is the premier Catholic online curriculum provider of over 450 choose-your-own recorded, independent-learning courses and over 200 LIVE, interactive courses taught by university-level professors and professionals -- so you can have complete control over your curriculum for engaging, top-level learning that matches your 3rd- through 12th-grade student’s exact needs. With courses in all subject levels -- English and writing, mathematics, sciences, humanities, history, government, economics, languages, literature, theology, philosophy, logic, computers, the arts, and much more -- it’s a level of online learning that you can’t find anywhere else.

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