Sophia Institute Press nurtures the spiritual, moral, and cultural life of souls and spreads the Gospel of Christ in conformity with the authentic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Sophia Institute does this by publishing faithful resources for families, home educators, Catholic schools, parishes, and all Catholics seeking to grow in holiness.


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As the first and primary teacher of your child, homeschooling is a beautiful experience that deepens your family bonds by leading you to grow in faith together all while helping you lead your children into a profound encounter with Christ.

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In the Church’s calendar, every day is special because it is a feast for Jesus, Mary, and the saints! In Day-by-Day Coloring Book of Saints, children will befriend a new saint every day as they color in a full-page image of the saint of the day while listening to their parents read aloud the saint’s story. Special Discount available on our Day-by-Day Coloring Book set!

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Our Infusing The Catholic Faith series gives you integrative lesson plans to  weave Catholic teaching into various subject areas, including Civics, History, and English.

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